About us

Our 21 years in business

Faizel Cook

Where it all began

Our story began 21 years ago, with two friends huddled around a fire mapping out a vision for a black-owned agency that would contribute to transforming our society by changing the narrative around the South African story. Rooted in journalism and media practice, supported by management consulting experience and driven by a desire to showcase black excellence, we have created one of the leading agencies in South Africa. That fire remained in our hearts as the symbol of passion and dedication we aspire to. The accolades we receive are prized. Our reward is our client’s loyalty, and the quantifiable difference we make in people’s lives.

Why we do it

Our enterprise model is built to focus on mass media in above the line projects and see the same focused work in below the line marketing. Integration has been a hot topic for years but we’re uniquely skilled and situated to deliver actual integrated work.

Amongst our abilities are the pursuit to spot new trends and always be innovators in our field, which is why our segue to digital inclusion more than 5 years ago stood us in good stead and our expanded expertise has allowed us to be a leader in this space.

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